Saturday, February 22, 2014

Condition Assessment reports

        Recently after continual pressure was applied, the powers that be released some of the Condition Assessment Reports, created in 2013 on the buildings.
Most of the Nurses quarters were released.

Nurses No. 1 /  Administration    PDF
Nurses No.2 /  Fernwood Lodge  PDF
Nurses No.3 /  Cottage 107  PDF
Nurses No.4 /  Cottage 106  PDF
Nurses No.5 /  Cottage 109  PDF
Nurses No.6 /   Roadside  PDF
Nurses No.7 /   Leeside  PDF
Nurses No.8 /  Brookside  PDF
Nurses No. 9 /  Valleyview Lodge / BISCO Administration (Upper floor)
Nurses No.10 / Male Nurses "Apartments"   has been demolished
Nurses No.11 /  Henry Esson Young building  PDF

It is obvious from reading these reports that the buildings are suffering from gross neglect in maintenance.
Other building reports can be found by clicking on the individual buildings in my Riverview Map.