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Fernwood Lodge / Nurses home #2

Essondale Nurses Home #2, later renamed Fernwood Lodge (B21766)  1,552.04 Sq. M.

I recently found out that Fernwood was also nicknamed "Cinder Hill" because just slightly downhill from the building there is a conserable amount of cinders, through which a trail led down the steep bank, leading to Pitt River road, and many nurses would have walked along this short-cut to visit Port Coquitlam, and beyond.    ( Thanks for the info.,  Anna ! )

Henry Whittaker, Supervising Architect, Public Works Department, designed the building.

     The second Nurses' Home was opened in 1937, and was designed to complement the adjacent first Nurses' Home.  Together the two blocks create a consistent complex, horizontal and residential in feeling, oriented towards the view of the Fraser River.  This building is more utilitarian in appearance than the first Home, and its simple rectangular massing and regular fenestration reflect the economic hardships of the 1930s.  Visual interest is provided by the undulating rhythm of a regular series of projecting bays.

     The original wide wooden cladding has been covered with a coat of stucco, and the entry canopy has been removed, but the form of the building, and much of its interior, is intact.  It is now known as the Fernwood Lodge. Unknown who the contractor was, I will find out one day.

The local newpaper documented the official opening: The Coquitlam Herald. March 31,1938:  Officially opened April,6,1938 by Mrs.Frank MacPherson, wife of the Minister of Public Works, she received the keys from the contractor.  Other guests were; Mr.& Mrs.Byron Johnson; alderman & Mrs. J.A.Courtenay; Mayor R.C.Galer; Alderman & Mrs. Lewis Sangster; Mr. K.K.Reid; Reeve & Mrs. R.C.MacDonald; Reeve Mussalem, and ex-mayor Annandale.  The building cost $60,000, and will accommodate 72 nurses.

Sadly I have no old pictures of the lodge at this time, so pictures from more recent times will have to do.

At the present time, ArtsConnect (Tri-Cities Arts Council ) has an office in the building.
Tri-City  PLEA  Youth Services
       Tri Cities - Youth Services (Fernwood Lodge) - HDG
                PoCoMo Youth Services Society
                        Society for Community Development
List is probably not complete..

 Fernwood Lodge / Nurses Home #2 on the left. Administration/ Nurses Home #1 on the right.

 Entrance to Fernwood Lodge

 Fernwood Lodge, from Holly Drive.

 Looking at the rear of Fernwood Lodge, from Holly Drive.

 Portion of the front of Fernwood Lodge.

End of Ferwood Lodge; covered walkway leads to Administration building / Nurses Home #1

Southerly end of the rear portion of Fernwood Lodge.

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